About Us

Welcome to MEGASA

"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who's wearing it." Though these lines are said by Yves Saint Laurent but believed and lived by the owners of a women fashion label 'MEGASA'.

Megasa is an apparels brand based out of Jaipur. Our products are made with the focus of promoting sustainable and traditional ways of manufacturing in the Industry rather than using heavy machinery and harming the environment. Our products are all organic and made by using only natural fibres and natural dyes. Our artisans put in a lot of effort while making the dyes and fabrics for our garments and they tend to put their heart and soul in the piece of clothing that you wear. All our designs are made by hand and we put in a lot of thought to make sure you look really awesome in our garments and also nature isn’t affected in the manufacturing of the products.

The Faces behind the Brand

MEGASA is a brainchild of three Independent, determined and innovative sisters Meenakshi, Gauri and Sakshi. They used the syllables ME, GA and SA from their names to prove that the brand puts forth their own personal traits of being innovative, independent, sincere and courageous.

Me and Ga have always had a soft corner for trendy yet comfy clothes and as a result to fulfil this combination of trendy and comfy clothes, a new fashion label 'MEGASA' came into being. Sa being the youngest of all and the tech-savvy one, was eager to help to showcase their designs in front of the people.


How are we different?

We keep in mind the comfort of the wearer and hence our silhouettes are very easy going. The idea is to spread awareness about the sustainable ways of fashion and the artisans of India who have somehow lost their identity to the modern types of equipment and want to bring as many people as possible to help in our initiative to help save mother nature. 

This label is a house for fresh designs with a blend of latest fashion trends, comfort with also the focus given on quality of fabrics used and designs that adds elegance and poise to the beauty of beholder. 

The toughest thing in fashion is not to be known for a logo but to be known for a silhouette. They do not compromise on the quality and make sure of the affordability.